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    Facebook rolls out Profile Picture Guard - How helpful is it?

    Facebook has recently been rolling out a feature called Profile Picture Guard. The new feature is planned as a means of safeguarding the possible misuse of your profile picture. Interestingly enough, the feature is being rolled out in India on a pilot basis. It will be available throughout the world in a phased manner.
    This will help you place limitations on who can download your profile picture. The feature comes with a procedure that will not let anyone tag your profile picture and thus no one will be able to take a screenshot.
    Are you excited about the new feature? Has it been rolled out to you? If yes, Do share your views and opinions here so that we can gather more information on this feature.
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    Glad to hear about it. But no, it hasn't yet come up to me. It was indeed a necessary step. Users of any app are not necessarily tech savvy every time, and the security issues do ask for some technical knowledge and an alert mind, which in most cases the users do not have. If the apps include the security features themselves, the cyber world would surely become a safer place to dwell in.
    I am really excited about this feature and waiting eagerly to try it out. Hope it doesn't take too long to be a regular feature and people could make the best use of it as soon as possible.

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    Yes,Facebook has introduced profile picture guard. Facebook profile picture guard will keep our current photo more secure on Facebook Profile. picture guard has the following features according to Facebook:-
    1. The first feature says that on using this feature other people can't download our profile picture and will not be able to share it on Facebook.
    2. The second feature limits tags i.e only the person who has uploaded the profile picture or his/her friends can add tag to the profile picture.
    3. According to the third feature , the shield will signal other people to respect our profile picture .

    This is the only benefit of using Facebook profile picture guard.

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