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    Back To Techulator again!

    It's been long that I have posted resources on Techulator. I have been busy working with my own website projects and doing great with them. But I don't think I will ever be able to forget Techulator because it's the place from where everything started. When I was hustling for money to get my first website started and after facing betrayal from almost every single person I met online, I finally ended up here. Worked on the site made some good friends and earned my first bucks online and after that there is no looking back. Ambiance on Techulator taught me to hustle, how to write better content, what people are expecting from you and the best part what is worth of your resource. I still feel that fire whenever I start Techulator that I should post a resource and from now on I will try to be a regular contributor.

    Love u Techulator. <3
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    Joy Joon,

    Welcome back to Techulator. We are looking forward to seeing you as a vibrant member of our contributors.

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    Good to see Joy Joon back on the site. Whatever you stated in your comment about Techulator holds good for me too. I was in deep financial constraints back in 2014 and it was with Techulator that I began experimenting with content writing. The experience I gained here on the site has helped me be a successful content writer with a few good clients.
    That is exactly what makes Techulator my second home. I make it a point to come back to the site whenever I get time from my busy schedule enough to contribute here. More than just the money, this is where I began my journey into the art of content writing. I am glad to state that I am able to earn over Rs. 9000 a month at least.
    Thank you Techulator. You have made my life simple and gave me a platform to do what I enjoy the most.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Welcome Back Joy after such again after such a long time. As you had said that you'll never forget Techulator because you had made good friends and earned from this site. I also had experienced the same when I was searching to earn some bucks online without betrayal and my search ended on Techulator. In starting I was also in dilemma that should I work for this site or not?, but after working on this site I felt that I'm in love with Techulator because of the friendly peoples on this site and Tony Sir. Earlier when I was new and was unknown about many things like Discussion forums etc so I used to ask each and every question directly to Tony sir. He used to respond to my questions. This made me felt that Techulator is not like the others sites but it's different.

    I love Techulator.

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    Yes, indeed. The warm environment that we find here ( or for that matter in any of the SpiderWork Technology sites) is what makes you come back to the site. I really remember the glorious days that the site had been flourishing with a huge number of active members. The number of members has gone down and we have been attempting to bring the old members back to the site.
    However, the comeback of members like Joy Joon and Alok Nath has been a couple of good signs. We would definitely expect you to come up with several outstanding contributions.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    We'll try to stand best on the TEC expectations and will try to contribute as much as we can.

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