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    Regarding Ask Expert Section Winner Announcement of May

    Hi Friends,
    It is just out of curiosity that I pose this question, why is Ask Expert Section Winners of May not visible in the Announcement list till now? As I could see, the section was quite active last month and all other winner Announcements have taken place. Though I have not participated in this time frame, I have been going through the section because of editing.
    Could it be that because of some technical glitches it is not visible, or it has really not been announced?
    It would be nice if the webmasters respond to this thread and let us know, what could be the matter.
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    That is because none of the members could cross the mandatory threshold of 100 points in the section for that particular period. You may be aware that the minimum points to qualify for being chosen as the super contributor in any section are 100.
    In fact, this is the second time in a row that there have been no winners in the Ask Experts section. I do hope that the section will see better contribution and award announcement at least this time.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Oh ! That's really a bad news and of course totally unexpected. As the editing queue was quite loaded, I never got the idea. Anyway hope this time things get better.

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    Well, things have been better this time. I would expect at least two winners in the Ask Experts section super contributors list. The performance of the section has been quite interesting. Moreover, I am glad to notice that the section has found a couple of new ( in fact, existing - but re-entering the section) contributors in the section. That is actually a good sign and I am happy with this development.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Response in Ask Expert section has gone down as I recently watched only some members had kept the section alive . Webmaster had made earlier an announcement regarding the Ask expert section's Super Contributor of May. They had mentioned about this in advance while announcing Super Contributor Awards Forum section for May that "No one is eligible for Ask Expert section's Super Contributor (May 2017) winner/s, thus, no announcement made".

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    This has been the second consecutive month that no Super Contributor award has been announced for the Ask Experts section. There are not many questions that have been coming since the last couple of months in the section. Though a couple of members including me - have been active in the section, the sheer lack of questions has left them unable to cross the mandatory 100 points to be eligible for the awards.
    However, it seems as if the situation has slightly better this time around. There have ben some good questions and responses as well. Members like Alok Nath Pandey have come up with regular and informative responses. Let us hope to see the trend continuing going forward.

    Live....and Let Live!

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