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    Astrology and technology - a strange bonding?

    Astrology, as we all know, is entirely different from technology. However, of late we have been witnessing the technology being used by astrology and its pundits alike. There are several apps which have taken help from technology to spearhead the impact of astrology on human beings.
    A case in point can be Vedic Rishi that has been seeing a good growth. They have APIs that any app can use. There have been claims that astrology is not just about knowing about the future, but it is seen as an attempt to understand the world around you.
    Such APIs have been in use in vogue by the matrimonial sites. Does astrology really have an impact on humans and the events in their life? I am sure it can be used to predict floods and other phenomena like eclipses, but the the oft considered "capability" of astrology in predicting the events in one's life is something that technocrats like us do not want to believe.
    What do you think of astrology as a science? I would wish to see a healthy discussion.
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    Astrology is nothing but a pseudo-science. Predicting eclipse is Astronomy and not Astrology, people do have a tendency to mix the both. Prediction of floods or droughts falls into completely another category of science which is Geology and Meteorology.

    Nowadays everyone is trying to adopt technology to stay near to people by the way of apps and websites and same is the case with Astrology. That doesn't make it any less of pseudoscience than it was before.

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    Regarding this, I have a perception of my own. Don't know though, if it really sounds well.
    Earlier the Tree of Knowledge was not so diversified. A few learned people used to pursue Astronomical studies. Communication system was not much in place. Word of Mouth was the only way of reaching people. That is where the "not-so-learned" people came into the picture, who used to spice up these predictions with their own words and try to gain people's faith on them. This "plagiarised" branch of Astronomy took the ugly shape of Astrology to exploit people by adding a Religious Flavour to the whole thing. Today, the same practice continues by introducing computer replacing the manual procedures, through which the "half-knowledgable" people could be easily convinced.
    Even Magic is based on the tricks of science. If Astrology had been a science, anybody could have pursued it, and it could have been a proper subject by now, where a universal formula like 2+2=4 would have been taught. As that is not there till now, it cannot be accepted as a science. Science is the "know-how" of a physical phenomenon. And nobody knows till now, exactly what is the "know-how" of Astrology.

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