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    Twitter Changes its Privacy policy - What's your take on it?

    Twitter has recently updated its privacy policy. Your activities will now be tracked more vogorously. That would mean you will be tracked for your activities and Twitter claims that this will help it provide more relevant feeds in your timeline.
    However, the move is seen as a means of targetting online marketing. They will now be making more money by showing ads in your timeline. Is it good for the users? Well, the answer is quite ambiguous.
    Twitter says it will improve your experience on its service. But, experts claim that if you really care for your privacy, it's a bad news. Advertisers will now have more access to your data. Twitter has also stopped the Do not Track option in your settings.
    The updated privacy policy will come into effect from June, 18. You have the option to stay out of the purview of the changed privacy policy, but I would expect Twitter to make it mandatory in the days ahead.
    What do our techians feel about the the changes? Do share your ideas and opinions.
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    Yes Twitter had updated the Privacy Policy and updated their Transparency and control policy, web data policy, Data sharing policy, policy of personalization across your device and Privacy Shield and the digital Advertising Alliance policy. This would let twitter to scan your data more efficiently and hence they would show you the most suitable ads to you. This policy will be not liked by the ones who doesn't want ads or let anyone scan their data but you can just follow it or you can withdraw from using the twitter services.

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