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    What's the future of Internet Plans?

    As I said before telecom sector has been the most trending part after the entry of Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio has been spread rapidly and is found mostly with every smartphone user. We have seen how the Internet plans have been coming down since last 3-4 months. Different companies coming up with different plans. People want the best cheapest plans and this is what every telecom company is fighting for. At present, Reliance Jio is at #1 and competing well with Idea, Airtel and BSNL which are coming up with different cheap plans day by day. We have seen a great cut off in the Internet plans since last few months so what according to you is the future of Internet plans? Will Reliance Jio maintain its place or it will be put down by any other telecom company? What do you want as your Internet plan?
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    Well, I am happy with my internet plan as things stand as of now. The cheaper plans you see today are just an attempt at acquiring subscribers. The frenzy is bound to stabilise soon. I do not foresee any huge change in the days ahead in terms of tariff. The most you my be able to see is the consolidation of the telecom players which may show itself in the form of acquisitions and mergers. The impending Vodafone Idea merger is the exact case in point. That would bring up an equal playing field for all the players and thereby the sector will stabilise.
    I hope we remember the days when Reliance introduced its RIM services and it created a huge hoopla. Did Reliance benefit much? I do not think so. Same will repeat this time too.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    We can't make perfect assumption about Reliance to hold the market in future with the same pace it's holding right now. Reliance had started a new trend we know but when there is a start then many one learn from it. i'm sure that the internet plans will be cheaper . Right now Reliance Jio has maintained it's position because they are providing the internet service cum the free calling service but I think they are just doing all this to hold the market more strongly. Reliance had infact extended the date to get it's prime membership because it had not received the estimated customers prime membership request. Right now we can't say much about the future Internet plans but we can little assume that some change will exist there always.

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