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    Idea working with Flipkart

    Have you heard about the recent deal made by Idea to work with Flipkart? I was looking to grab some latest news in the Technology section and found that Idea has recently joined to work with Flipkart to sell smartphones at a high rate. The deal tell us that Idea will give 30 GB free 4G data plus unlimited calls for 30 days to the users who buy 4G smartphones from Flipkart. Telecom sector has been the most trending part after the entry of Reliance Jio. We see different companies coming out with different plans day by day which includes BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc. Everyone wants to be the best and the fight continues. This has really made the people happy as by this fight people are getting good benefit of cheap plans offering much. Now the time has gone to go again and again to the shopkeepers to recharge the SIM card with different plans. Now you can find different plans including the free ones coming out for you. What would you suggest about this move by Idea? Will this help Idea to shine more and come at the top?
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    This is one of those common business deals that corporates indulge with one another. I do not see anything special in it. Idea cellular has been providing such benefits for the consumers who buy the Idea branded phones. AirTel has been into this since quite long.
    Do remember that the smartphones bought under such combo plans may be locked for a particular telecom service provider. You may not be able to use the device with any other telecom service. Please note that I have not used any such combo offers so far and the statement above is only my assumption. I would advise the prospective buyers to check out the same before actually buying the phones.
    Moreover, these plans come with several terms and conditions. There is a fair usage policy applied to these offers. Consumers are requested to check out the conditions in fine print for proper guidance. As for the free calls under the plan you mentioned, your free calls are limited to only 100 unique numbers per week.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Many Telecom companies give this type of offers and it's usual to get these offers. Reliance Jio introduction to the telecom market had hurted a lot to the other service providers and hence to be in the row Idea and other telecom companies are giving many offers. In other words Jio can be seen as the transformer of the telecom market and the policies of Reliance Jio had affected a lot to others hence they all are giving offers.

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