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    Regarding my REJECTED article

    This is really depressing that one of article got rejected. I really put my effort to make it good and improved much on it. This is my request to the editor to please make it in Pending state because it takes a lot time and effort to write a complete article. I guess the article is not that bad that it must be rejected because of too many mistakes which can't be improved. If the editor specify what the mistakes are I will edit them with no time. The link for my article is given below:

    HTC U Ultra

    I don't think that there are too many spelling mistakes because I remember there were no red marks showing actual spelling mistakes in my article neither I used any comma at improper place. Getting my article rejected with that quality has really depressed me. I would like to request the editor to please make it in the Pending state and mention the mistakes that can be improved. Because rejected article with not too many mistakes is of no use rather mentioning the mistakes will help the user to improve on them.
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    There are more than 50 problems with your article. It was already sent to pending twice. It is not possible to point out that many numbers of mistakes and ask for corrections. In most cases, we ourselves do the corrections if they are few as we too don't like reviewing the same article multiple times. I am pointing out 10 mistakes here itself for your reference. Sorry, but the article won't be reviewed again.

    1. "Shiny" and not "Shinny" is the word to be used in your article.
    2. "Let's dive" and not "Lets dive"
    3. "Phones with such a large screen is though not much easy to carry but is very good " - here plural "Phones" has been used, correspondingly, it should be "are" instead of the 2 "is" you have used.
    4. "voice assistant is very smart and keep records " - should be "voice assistant is very smart and keeps records "
    5. "You can swipe the screen to add from contact shortcuts, " should be "You can swipe the screen to add contacts, shortcuts, "
    6. "that's the reason it look like" should be " that's the reason it looks like"
    7. "didn't work in competing the high pixels cameras" should be "didn't work in competing with the high pixels cameras"
    8. "Overall, both the cameras are good in their quality and has impressed all the users." should be "Overall, both the cameras are good in their quality and have impressed all the users."
    9. "the user reviews tells us" should be "the user reviews tell us"
    10. "would have been more better in" should be "would have been better in

    Mentioning a few more correct usages things for future reference-
    1. Any quantitative quality like megapixels of a camera like "8-megapixels" or "pre-installed" should be written with a hyphen separating the two and not space.

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    Thanks a lot Webmaster for telling me those mistakes usually found in my contributions. I make sure not to repeat them in future. As per the motive to start the thread has been completed I request the editors to please close the thread now.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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