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    Why do people buy Apple iPhone?

    This has been a long time writing about different smartphones here on Techulator. I know have a vast knowledge about smartphones and can easily suggest the best one in any price range. My friends keep asking me about the best smartphones in their budget and I always suggest them the best one. But what I found among the society is most people are using the Apple iPhone. I also purchased one recently but found nothing specially as compared to the other smartphones in the same price range. But looking at the people Apple iPhone has been a trend, everyone wants to grab the latest one in the Apple iPhone series. I consider that the camera quality and the display is excellent but what about the battery and storage which have always been an issue for the Apple iPhones. I never understand why people still buy the Apple iPhone when they have other options like Samsung Galaxy S8 in the same price range. I would like to know what you think about the Apple iPhones.
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    Buying an Apple iPhone is nothing more than a status symbol for most of the people. Well, to be precise - iPhone does have its own set of advantages. The security is one of the foremost considerations. iOS is a completely closed operating system. You can be assured of your privacy and security if you are on an iPhone - I assume you have not jailbroken your device.
    However, I would not think many people use an iPhone to be secure. I am not sure whether many of the users are aware of that property of an iPhone. As for Camera, it had been the best one before. However, of late camera performance has not remained an exclusive highlight of iOS anymore. There have been several advancements and better cameras. Oppo and Vivo can be a couple of good examples. Samsung too has already snatched the best camera trophy from Apple.

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    Different people, different taste and different status etc. Some buy the iPhone just because of they have huge money and have to spend at any cost on the best brand, they chooses just as a top brand for any gadget, some don't have money but still value it and try to buy it in any option like EMI or other way. Some people buy it just to give as a gift etc.

    iPhone generally draw the attention as 'the top' one, so many would like to grab it.

    Now coming back to iPhone device performances (not all but stating few), in fact, no other brand can chase its touch-integrated feature and security level at the moment. It has its own iOS whereas other brand devices all are depending on other's OS.

    iPhone Camera may be lesser MP at the moment compare to the other brand but try to take the picture or video from the latest or oldest iPhone and upload them in a system and check it, now do the same from other brands' higher MP photos and videos upload them in a system, check and compare between them. You will feel and realize which one is really better.


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