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    Good to see Alerts Back

    Recently we have been discussing a lot about the bugs on our site. One of them was that we weren't receiving any alert for the status of our contributions anymore. Anwesha and I discussed about it in the Form section too but webmaster haven't responded to any of the thread. But recently I saw a alert coming up in my profile showing the approved status of my Ask Expert response. Good to see alerts back in form, and with this I would like to spread it to all the Techulator members. And I would also like to thanks Anwesha and other members to participate in those Form threads pre discussed in the Form section about the same topic.
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    As I stated before, the alerts have not completely stopped working. They are coming up once in a while for some members. Even for the members who have been receiving it, they are not working for every one of their responses. As for me, I have not received any alert in the recent times. I need to check the responses manually and find if they have been approved or sent to pending status.
    I cannot deny that it may have been rectified. Let us see if I get the alerts when two of responses are reviewed. By the way, I would request you to keep track of the other responses you might have posted so that if the issue has not been solved in its entirety, the information can be passed on to the team.

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    Well, in that case I hope the alerts bug to be solved very soon. Not a great problem but getting alerts really make our work easier.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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