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    Will we ever learn not to forward fake messages on WhatsApp?

    In recent times, there have been several fake messages being circulated via WhatsApp. In more ways than one, these are the messages that are actually planned to spread rumour. But, why are we just forwarding it without checking its authenticity.?
    A recent example was a message that spoke of a car accident that killed the famour Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba. I received messages ( forwarded ones) in two of my WhatsApp groups. I condemned the senders for forwarding the message without checking it. Since I am the admin of one of the groups, I threatened the concerned member that he will be removed from the group if he continues to do so.
    The crux of the matter is why do we fall prey to such tactics of spreading rumours? When I receive such messages ( and I do receive them - even from unknown numbers not in my contact list), I just reprimand the sender and warn him/her against sending such messages without finding if they are authentic or not.
    I guess WhatsApp needs to address the issue urgently. I watch the show Viral Sach on ABP News regularly so that I can stay forewarned about such fake messages. Isn't it the time we did something about these rumour mongers?
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    Few people actually don't seem to understand the effect their messages can cause or probably enjoy the same.
    A few months back only, none other than my father forwarded a Whatsapp message on one of our family groups which talked how HIV virus can spread through infected people sneezing on food. On noticing the message I immediately called my mother and asked what type of messages they were posting. In a few minutes, I also posted in the family group how it was false giving scientific explanations.
    My parents were quite unapologetic about it. For them, it was just getting involved in social media but way of posting it a group. This despite the fact that my mother has worked in a clerical position at AIIMS and is quite aware of these things.

    So you see, people, especially the older generation and probably the less educated don't understand the gravity of their actions and think of forwarding messages just a fun thing. The need is to educate them and taking such people to task as and when you find and without worrying who they are.

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    Really a great point discussed Timmappa Kamat. I receive around 3000 messages a day on my Whatsapp account, all I do is I never opened them without having much free time. This has made me annoyed sometimes and I left some groups my friends created. This decision made my friends sad and I left with no option to join those groups again. Since then I found a way to skip such annoying things by turning off the Whatsapp notifications and only open up those groups late night when I have a lot of free time. I also see a lot of fake news spreading on Whatsapp at a rapid rate. But I never believed them really NEVER. These are spread by people having plenty of free time and believed by fools. I guess Whatsapp can't do anything in that case. Social media always had two options, one is to discuss useful things, elongate our social contact, bee in touch with everyone and on the other hand it is so used as tympass by people having a lot of free time.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Frankly speaking, it is the duty of a user to check the messages for their authenticity before forwarding. There is no point in forwarding the messages blindly.

    Some people are so much addicted to WA that they feel pride in forwarding the messages left and right. Some miscreants are taking advantage of it and introducing some fake messages in the system and the gullible users are forwarding it and helping it to become viral.

    As a good citizen it is our duty to block such fake and irresponsible messages at our level.

    Knowledge is power.

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