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    Self Driven cars - A concept fizzed off?

    There was a huge hoopla over the self driven cars. Google was on the forefront in this concept. But, nothing solid seems to have come up since the announcement. Does that mean it is the end of the road for the self driven cars?
    Amazon seems to be waking up to making use of this technology for its benefit. No, they are not into developing their own cars, but have been considering the use of these cars for its delivery network.
    It has created a group of employees for the purpose. Te team will find out how the technology can be used to its own advantage so that Amazon can deliver customer orders real fast.
    Will this bring a new lease of life into the project. It should be interesting to note that bigger companies like Apple, Uber, Google, Ford, General Motors and Tesla have been planning to enter the business.
    I would love to see the views of our techians on this aspect.
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    It is a concept which has reached the beta stage. While they are still working on the technology aspect, a lot more needs to be taken care of later. Self-driven cars have the potential to put a lot of people out of a livelihood. So it is not just perfecting the technology but the government regulations and probably impact on the society that needs to be carefully evaluated before we will start accepting such cars as a common part of lives.

    As you right pointed out, there are many big companies which see these cars as the next big thing in the market. Once these are finally brought to the market, they will be nothing short of a revolution in the automobile industry. And after all, it is the same thing that has been threatening the jobs in not just the automobile industry but in all low skilled jobs - Automation and Artificial intelligence.
    This is definitely not something that is going to fizzle out soon and is rather something which is going to come back with a bang once it is ready.

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