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    Super Contributor Awards April 2017 - Forum section Winner

    Hi Techies,

    With reference to our earlier announcement on Super Contributor Awards from Techulator, here are the results of the super contributor awards for the Month of April 2017 for Forum section!

    The Super Contributor for Forum section is :
    1. Timmappa Kamat
    Congratulation to the super contributors on this great achievement.

    Super contributor is going to receive an award as per announcement (above first link), in addition to the normal cash and revenue share members' receive for posting Question and Answers in the Forum section.

    Keep continue to contribute in this section to become a winner. All the best.

    Note: No one eligible for Ask Expert section's Super Contributor (Apr 2017) winner/s, thus, no announcement made.
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    Good to be clinging on to the award one more time. But, I can't see why has the level of contribution gone down on the site these days. We have a couple of new members on the site in the recent times, even then the amount of content as not been up to the mark. The forum is one of the most important sections of the site as I have maintained over time. I would wish to see more members actively participating here in the section.
    Moreover, the Ask Experts section too witnessed quite a low number of questions coming up this time. I egg on the members to up their contributions. And please, do not concentrate only on a particular section. Try to be active in all the sections as much as possible.
    Thanks for the award and I would wish to keep up with it in the days ahead.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Well, congrats Timmappa Kamat for wining the Super Contributor Awards - Forum section for one more time. Your hard work has always paid you well. I also kept the section alive the last month but couldn't see my name in the winners list because of the criteria of minimum 100 points to win any award. However, I am trying to boost up my contributions now so as to achieve such awards in future. Till then I hope you will keep contributing with the same pace. Members like you contributing regularly from a long time really encourages us to post more and more valuable content.

    The thing which surprised me was the only name of you in the winners list. The site has really gone down and we the members of the site must boost up our performance so as to make our site back again with a high number of active users. I hope other members also encourage through this.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Thank you Aman for the congratulatory message. More than winning the actual award, it is the recognition that makes it more enjoyable.
    Having said that, I must agree to the observation made by you. The site has quite a good number of members now with a few new members signing up. However, most of them appear to be clinging to one particular section alone. Maybe they miss the zeal that used to be the prime aspect of the site before. I would egg on all our members to be active enough to contribute as much as possible to every section of the site so that we can flourish once again.
    Thanks again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    No matter, a particular section always results out to be the favorite of a member. What's more important is to contribute more and more. The sections actually doesn't matter much. Having said that I agree with your point that a member must try to contribute in every section of the site. But interest is what attracts a member to a particular section. This would be better saying to the newbies to the site to try out every section of the site but the members who already have known there interest and stick to a particular section will make no use of your sentence.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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