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    Regarding Turing Phone Cadenza

    Recently I came to know about an amazing smartphone named Turing Phone Cadenza. I was really shocked to see its features and specifications considering the price tag of Rs 55,000 (not officially found). This phone has really shocked me and I found it now where to buy, not even the details about its launch or any other. I am really crazy about this smartphone and would like to know about it from our experts if they know about this or not. And if you know anything about this please share it along with the link to buy it.

    Getting a premium phone for Rs 55,000 is really a great feeling but this smartphone is an inverter, high gaming computer and professional camera in itself.
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    Well, I too have seen information pouring in about this device. But, don't the specifications appear to be too good to be true? It is believed to be coming up with Two Snapdragon processors, 1TB of storage space and an expandable storage capacity of 500GB. Then there are reports from the firm that it will have two 6 GB RAM making it a phone with 12 GB RAM.
    The question is - is this phone going to be a reality? Or is it just a gimmick just as we had the Freedom 251 announcement here in India? The specifications appear to be out of this world, or more so from the future. I do not think we would be in a position to believe that it will really show up its existence in the real world until it actually does!As for buying this phone, I would think it should be wiser to wait till the device launches and is available in sufficient numbers. If one asks me for my personal opinion, I would wait till I find a few professional and expert reviews on the product before making a decision on purchasing it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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