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    What is the future of small E-commerce start-ups in India?

    Since last 5 to 6 years we noticed a huge growth in E-commerce or online shopping. Now a days you will get anything and every thing online. So, my question is- this trend continues till next 10 years than what is the future of small E-commerce start-ups in India?
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    E Commerce is an area that has been catching up with the masses of late. Compared to the olden days where only a select few opted for the online mode of purchase, there have been thousands of members on the online portals. And what makes it more interesting is they are not members just browsing the site, but they do shop on the site quite frequently. The mindset has changed and that has been a great source of relief for the commerce sites.
    At the same time, the companies need to focus on sustainability. Otherwise, it may not be possible to make any headway. A recent example can be that of SnapDeal. Once a popular online firm which went on acquiring several other brands like FreeCharge, it has now reported losses and cut jobs. There have been talks about it being acquired by FlipKart. Amazon has been a major player that has been eating into the revenues of these smaller companies. I would guess there needs to be a level playing field.

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    Nowadays, It is the great future of e-commerce in India. You can check this

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    Well, e-commerce or e-shopping has been a great move from a long time. During its starting only few were aware of it and the number of people buying things online were also very less because of the term trust that speaks everything in itself. So you can see that there is no rocket speed in making SnapDeal, Amazon etc to reach those heights on which they are at present. So there is indeed a scope of small e-commerce site, but they should make sure to provide the best quality with the best price offers.

    Because people will only go for the best no matter what the name of the site is. So just make sure to provide the best quality keeping the prices low. But yes, at starting everyone has to suffer and wait for the good times. Trust, quality, price and product is the main four factors for raising up any e-commerce site to new levels.


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