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    Member of the Week Award 17th to 23rd Apr 2017

    Hi Techies,

    With reference to our earlier announcement for Member of the Week and our usual awarding system in Techulator, we are announcing the winner of the MOW for 17th to 23rd Apr 2017, this week award goes to Aman for an outstanding contribution.

    Congratulations to Aman for MOW awards and best of luck members for the next time!.

    Thanks to all members and participants.
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    Congrats Aman for achieving this award for this week. It is great to see your name for the second time. It shows your consistency and hard work in this TEC. Without your dedication it is not possible to place in this position. You are desired to achieve this award. Keep your work further in upcoming weeks and show your skills more often on this site. Let be active on this site and make other members to be an example of you. Only active members like you can make this delightful site.

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    Congratulations Aman on that achievement yet again. I just hope to see more quality contribution from you in the days to come. It is indeed quite hard to be winning the most coveted award second time. You need to work quite hard to get there, and there is nothing that can stop you if you are determined. I have been winning such awards regularly enough and I know what it takes to achieve the feat.
    Congrats once again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Aman for winning the MOW award in a row. That was the reward for the hard work you have rendered through these consecutive weeks. But we have seen you concentrating on Product Reviews more than the other sections. In the coming days, we all hope to see your contributions being well spread in all the ways, that Techulator has offered us.
    Wish you all the best. Keep winning.

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    Well, one more award adding up in my profile. It is always great to see such prestigious awards adding up in the profile in a line. Thanks a lot Anwesha, Bharath and Timmappa Kamat for those wonderful words. I hope to contribute with the same pace in the coming days because I have 2 weeks more time to be active here as much as I can before going on a tour. I hope the other members of our site will also take part in contributing there valuable content as much as they can and also I will try to be active in every section of the site as per your comment Anwesha. What the thing is the questions in the Ask Expert section are not coming as per my interest and also the number of questions coming every day has reached nearly 1 or hardly 2. Anyways, I will still try to be active in all the sections but Forum and Product section is what are proving to be my favorite.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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