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    Included In The Top 10 Rankers of the site

    This has been a very long time working on Techulator, though not regularly but quite much in between. The time has went by and I was much busy in contributing more and more valuable content on this site. I recently opened up the dashboard page in my profile and calculated the points and money. It was really great to see that I am now included among the top 10 ranker of the site. This is really great to share with you guys especially with Mr. Tony John, Timmappa Kamat, Anwesha, Vandana, Ankit, Prashant, you guys have been working with me like a family. I remember when Timmappa and I joined Techulator on the same date I knew nothing about content writing but keeping up the pace with Timmappa Kamat and learning from all of you had made me now to join the Top 10 ranker list of this site. I would like to prefer my name to be an editor on this site now, because whenever I recommend this site to anyone, what everyone ask is what have you gained so far and being an editor is a great thing to tell them. Hope to see a reply from the Webmaster soon.
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    Congrats Aman for that great achievement. It is indeed a great feeling to be among toppers on any site. I can understand your joy as I myself have been able to experience it from time to time. Being a member with a rank 1, joining the list of all time toppers at second spot and becoming an editor in a short span of time have all been thanks to Techulator.
    I must agree to what you said regarding content writing experience with TEC. When I joined I knew nothing about content writing. I went on gathering skills and moved on to be one of the regulars on the site. The effect was so much so that I could bag a few initial content writing assignments from website owners. With those humble beginnings, I now have been able to earn at least Rs. 6000+ per month from content writing alone. And I owe all this to Techulator. If I had not joined the site, I would not have been successful in this venture.
    And that is exactly why I struggle out time to contribute here. This is my second home, and I cannot forget this site for what it has helped me in achieving.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    It has always been great to learn from you Timmappa Kamat. Well,congrats you too for mainting that rank 1 from a long time. Really no one can catch you in your contributions. And also Rs 6,000+ is a very good income from content writer I would also like to increase up my contributions to ear more. Now waiting for a reply from the Webmaster for my request to make me editor.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    @Aman. It is good to see you in top 10 rank lists. The ranking system is functioning to honor the members and their dedicated work. TEC honored you for your great work and dedication on this site. This shows your consistent work. This rank may not remain same in that position. It may rise or falls down depends on your work. Keep your work in vibrant in order to make more active and be on the top list.

    If you want to be an editor, be more consistent in your work. Surely webmaster will consider you and will appoint you as an editor in TEC. Being an editor is a great recognition in TEC. If you are eligible for this position, you surely get this opportunity to be an editor. Wait for the webmaster's decision.

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    I request members not to discuss appointment of a member as an editor here on the site. The decision solely rests with the team and in my view, no one should discuss it in the forum. If anyone is desirous of being an editor they may contact the team directly instead of discussing it here. If you are eligible for the position and if there is a need for an editor, the team may consider it.
    Kindly note this advise and refrain from the discussion.

    Live....and Let Live!

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