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    Content getting mixed with image

    This has been one more problem I am facing nowadays. Recently I came up with somewhat similar problem for the Article section but this is one more which I came to remember just now. This one is for the Product section. All the problems have started arising from the time I am back again on Techulator this month. What I am facing now is that whatever content I write in the Product section the first line of that content gets mixed up with the first image I put on the same Product review. I don't know why this is happening with me, I am much sure that the image has been put well and there is no HTML mistake in this. But this is only happening with the first line of my content and also the image is put two times at the same place, one in a small box and one as usual.

    Why is this happening with me and how can I overcome this one. Hope to see a reply from webmaster soon. I guess I am the only one coming up with problems every time, but whatever this makes our site better and more better for me to understand.
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    Can you share a screenshot when the mix-up is happening?

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