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    Call Drops - any solution in view?

    TRAI has formulated several regulations for the improved quality of calls and other services in the Indian telecom sector. Even then, there are issues and complaints pouring in. Frequent call drops have been an incessant issue that has been troubling the Indian telecom consumers.
    According to a recent survey by the Department of Telecommunications, there are over 60% of the subscribers that complain about call drops. In most cases, the call drops are being experienced indoors. Which is exactly the case with me. I never get a good signal strength once I am inside my home.
    The telecom operators have been asked to take corrective actions and submit the Action Taken Report every fortnight.
    Do you think these measures can solve the consistent issues plaguing the subscribers since long? What plans you would want your telecom service provider to take so that this serious issue can be addressed effectively?
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    At present, the competition among service providers like BSNL, Reliance Jio, Airtel etc have been increased on a very high rate. Call drops is one major issue and problem at present which is faced by many people. Well, the telecom operators are working hard on this issue and are expected to bring out a solution to this very soon.

    For now the details are only to wait a bit or use other SIM card of other service provider.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Call drop is one of the major issues in the telecom sector. At present, many service providers are presented in the market. They started to attract the people by showing their attractive ads and services. Long back very few operators providing services. They started to manage many signaling towers to share their coverage. This makes them provide good signaling services. In the current scenario, many operators started showing their respective positions and services in the industry. They need many signaling towers. But it is difficult to build more new towers in the single area. So, they obviously need to share their towers. Before in single tower the signals being accessed by one operator. But now it is a different strategy. In the single tower, they started sharing more signals. Obviously, the signal dropped and clear coverage gets reduced.

    To solve this issue, they telecom operators need to build new towers to provide consistent signals to their customers. Else, they need to stop sharing their towers to other telecom operators. When this has been done, the problem gets solved. So that, every user will be getting uninterrupted calling services.

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