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    Facebook live murder - shame on humanity!

    I hope most of our members and visitors have read about the gruesome hanging on Facebook Live recently.
    For those who are unaware, Wuttisan Wongtalay, a 20 year old Thai man killed his daughter by hanging her in an unidentified hotel. What is more heinous than the crime itself was the fact that this killing was livestreamed over Facebook live. Thousands shared this video within the 24 hours period that the video was live on Facebook. I am aghast at knowing this.
    What does this indicate to? Public display of anger, or was it just an inhuman act or more so a pervert one. What makes it even more worse is the fact that people shared this video. The video went live on Facebook on Monday ( the 24th April) morning and it was made inaccessible by Tuesday afternoon.
    Even Facebook has been worried with such ghastly videos and live streams. It stated that it has been looking into ways to block the videos instantly.
    What do we our techians have to say about such heinous incidents that put humanity to shame?
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    I am speechless. That's all what I can say. Human society was ruthless through ages. And now, social media is showcasing the inhumanity with shamelessness leading towards insanity.

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    There is nothing to do for Facebook in such cases at instant. Looking at the content of each and every video for Facebook will be useless as the number of Facebook users has gone quite near to the population of the world. Yes, I do heard about this hanging case which was streamed live on Facebook and also shared by many users. People have been careless is what all I understand through this. Humanity has lost in the society. Not only this, being an active Facebook user I come to know about one more similar case in which a person suicides while making it live on Facebook. This is the anger of people what they wants to show to the public. Murdering own children, getting suicide and even ragging is one more similar matter which is live streamed on Facebook. This really needs to be stopped especially the ragging videos because that forces children to suicide. Also I would like to add that be brave, ragging is nothing to us if we feel ourself no less than an army.

    At last, suicide live streamed videos can even help someone to save life. So instead of sharing and gathering croud uselessly immediately go the streaming place and save a life and even this can be done in the murder case too. Hope to see humanity back again in people.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    It is one of the worst incidents which I have heard. Social media is to share good things and make people to known from one end to another. A person like this guy should be mentally disinfected. Facebook should be aware of what is happening in their database. It is a live streaming goes viral on their site. Facebook should rectify this on time and should stop this video publishing. But they took one day of time to make this video inaccessible. I hate people who are on Facebook sharing this kind of video to be shameful. There is no humanity inside them. They are making incidents to be viral. I have seen some videos like hurting animals and sharing that video on Facebook. When anyone sees murder on live streaming, should try to notify by police or cyber crime in order to help someone who really in trouble. Instead of sharing those kinds of videos, at least can try to save the people. The people should use social media in a good way instead of fun filling generously.

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    It is a worst one and more than a barbaric act. I don't know the main reason of this act from that (sad) kid's father nor we can generally believe every statement available online. Is this act just to show in FB? or a different story? Anyhow, whatsoever, this is really worst among human being.

    Also, we can observe that many unnecessary photos or video clips or messages being uploaded these days just for the sake of online/social networks and popularity or views etc. which is not really required and can be avoided. strange.

    If we follow everything available on online then there could be more than this.


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