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    Regarding Ask Expert Response Status

    This is one more thread for the same issue that the general members who are not editors are unable to know the status of their AE Responses, as they are neither receiving any update through emails, nor the reason for the Pending or Deletion Status is being displayed in the particular thread. As a result, the members are going on posting the same answers without making the necessary changes.
    Tony Sir assured us that the issue would be resolved, so I thought it got resolved by now. But today, but when I saw a couple of answers with the same mistakes, to see what exactly is visible for the general members, I logged out and searched for a particular response which was sent to pending status. I found only a blank space against the member's response. So, the problem still stands.
    I request the concerned webmasters to urgently respond to this problem so that new members feel more interested in participating. This section carries a lot of value for the site, as it is purely information based, and people find them useful to look for solutions to their problems.
    I have created a couple of threads on the same issue earlier, but the issue is still persisting. I hope this time, things get sorted out faster.
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    This is one of the already discussed topics in TEC. But it didn't get a complete solution for this issue. Some of my responses getting a pending alert through mail. For the rest, I'm not getting any status. I clearly not getting whether my response goes into pending or deletion. If it is pending, I'm not getting the reason for pending. Due to that, I couldn't modify my responses which are moved to pending. Webmasters need to take quick action regarding this issue.

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    I found this happening in many threads in the section. The issue has been affecting the editors as well. There are some Ask Expert responses that do not come up in the editing review. When I personally check individual responses, I tend to find that there are several responses that never came up while reviewing the same.
    I just hope that the webmaster will soon come up with a resolution.

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    @Timmappa. I have also faced this issue. One of my threads were not reviewed by the editor. I thought this problem occurs to me alone. But other members also facing this issue. The webmaster should look over this issue and need to rectify the issue before it causes.

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    Joining the crew, I am also facing the same problem. I remember the last time I used Techulator Mr. Tony came up with a new feature of showing us the status of our contributions in various section through the alerts. But now when I have started contribution once again I found no alert coming up in my profile of the status of my contributions. I posted a response to one question in the Ask Expert section a few days back, and it was approved in good time but I found no alert coming up in my profile for its approved status. That was luckily I clicked on the option to notify me if someone else post to the same question which came up as an alert to my profile and made me aware that my Ask Expert response have been approved and credit.

    Also I have contributed in the Product section, though not so important to get alerts for the status of contribution in the Product section because of less number of people contributing there but still I would like to share that I received no alerts for the status of my contributions in the Product section.


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    Thanks to all for your response. Tony Sir once assured us that he will resolve this issue soon. So I was expecting it was working. As I didn't receive any alert for my own responses , and found the same errors making rounds, I got the doubt.
    Waiting eagerly for our webmasters to respond to this thread. Hope things get solved soon.

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