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    Reserve Bank of India brings new Rs. 200 notes

    After the demonetization takes place, two new notes had been introduced. It was Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000. The government had made several securities and gives international standard on these two notes. It also features to discourage duplication. Later, to check counterfeiting, the Government planned to change the security features for every 3 – 4 year gap. In this situation, the news says RBI planning to introduce a new Rs.200 note. But there is no official confirmation from RBI. What do you think about bringing the new note? What are the need and necessity? When could this new note be printed? Members share your knowledge and information regarding this thread.
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    The new notes will go into the printing stage from June. The news is confirmed and there is no ambiguity about the same. In view of the Rs. 1000 note being completely scrapped, the Rs. 200 notes are indeed the need of the hour.
    However, the Reserve Bank has decided not to circulate the new Rs. 200 notes through ATMs. The reason is quite simple. Such a circulation will require another set of calibration which may not be easy one. Given the issues faced with respect to the calibration process that involved Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes, it may not be a good idea.
    The Rs. 200 notes will be available only through bank branches just the way Rs. 50 and Rs. 20 notes are circulated.

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    It is good news to hear. If the new notes circulate through banks, then the customers will be delightful and comfortable. Already in the reporters meet, bank officials have been stated that the new Rs. 50 and Rs. 20 notes are coming in plastic. Those notes are not possible to let it at ATM's. So releasing the new currency in plastic will be affordable and safer.

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    Bharath, please remember you cannot divert the topic under discussion by bringing in a new discussion within the existing one. It would be advisable to start a new thread for the purpose.
    Having said that, RBI has stated that the Rs. 10 notes are being released in plastic on trial basis. These notes will not be available all over India in one go. They will be made available at select five locations across the nation.

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    The news couldn't bring many smiles to the faces of common people as things are still remaining equally difficult for them. If the ATMs are not circulating the notes, then, either you have to stand in queues in the bank to get them,(which is ridiculous) or depend upon your luck to see those notes in your hand.
    The entire process is in a mess, right now. The purpose behind all these has gone for a toss, as the news says, the 2000Rs. notes have already been faked in innumerable numbers. So, if the 200Rs. notes are going to be there, it would be just another format for the culprits to work upon.
    Personally speaking, I don't find anything to feel happy about it, unless they make it available in the ATMs.

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