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    YouTube announced its own TV channel!

    It was a great freaking news announced by YouTube to the media. They have been introduced their own TV channel. It brings you to sign up at They have plans to connect with more networks and produce an access. Currently, it was planned to launch in the US. According to YouTube, only metro areas in the US can enjoy these benefits. What are the metro cities getting an access? When will the service launch outside the US? Members share your knowledge according to this thread. Elaborate this thread with more information.
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    Well, it is a part of the OTT services trying to serve the section of the society that has not entered the traditional cable television genre. The service has currently been announced in the US and will cost you $ 35 per month. It will cover over 35 TV channels run by ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.
    The service will not cover many major television networks like Viacom, HBO, Discovery, Time Warner etc. The YouTube TV will work seamlessly across your Smart TV, Mobile device and Desktop. You will also get unlimited DVR feature as well.
    Exact full blown launch of the service has not yet been announced. Also there is no word as to when will it be available outside the US.

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