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    Transferring of domain name to Google Inc in India

    In 2007, the person who applied for the domain name is Khatri. He got registered in 2008 and 2010, the renew date will be on 2020. The US-based organization, Google, issued a case against Khatri and sent him a notice in 2010 regarding copyright trademarks. It mentions the style, fonts, colors and formats are similar to Google. In that notice, it was clearly mentioned regarding the cancellation of domain. But Khatri tried to claim this decision. What was the decision taken in this case by the High Court? Will be registered in India? Members share your opinion regarding this thread.
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    The High Court has offered the ruling in favour of the search engine giant, Google. The domain name , by virtue of this judgement, now stands to be a property of Google. It was clearly a case of bad intention than the coincidence as claimed by Mr. Khatri.
    Interestingly enough, the Hon. Judge included the screenshot of in his judgemnet to drive his point that there are many similarities between the site and the home page of Google. I would consider it a right decision on the part of the judiciary. It is quite evident that Khatri had bad intentions in copying the home page style and all other details including the fonts, color and the rest of the things while creating his site.

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