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    Member of the Month Award for March 2017

    Hi Techies,

    With reference to our earlier announcement for Member of the Month Award, we are happy to announce the Member of the Month award from Techulator.

    MOM for March 2017 award goes to Timmappa Kamat for his outstanding contribution / performance during this month.

    Rs 500 and 100 special points are credited to the winner.

    Congratulations to Timmappa Kamat and best of luck to other members for the next time!

    Stay tuned for more contests / updates.

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    Awards have been raining these days! I am glad that I could lay my hands on one of the coveted awards for the second month in a row. In all its essence, the credits for this award should go to the team of the site which was helpful to me in more ways than one.
    Thank you Hafeez for that announcement.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations again Timmappa. It goes without saying that MOM award is the most lucrative of all, for all of us and winning this award is an achievement in itself. The award has truly appreciated and recognized your efforts and sincerity that you keep rendering to this site. Even though you could do even more, but after a lull period, it feels good to see you back to the track.
    Do keep this spirit of yours up and running and keep contributing with your best to this site. We all wish you the best for your further achievements here and in other places too.

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    Congrats Timmappa for your successful member of the month award for this time. It is one of the prestigious awards in the TEC. It is good to see you achieving this award. This is the most successful month for you to win this award. The word "consecutive" is really meant for you. The work which you have given to this TEC is really appreciable. With all your third party schedules you have given a great piece of work over here. I expect more new people should try to reach this place to get this award. Most of their works are wonderful and much needed at this point. They were active in some sections, but need to concentrate on all other sections. If they do so, they can be on the list. Hope in the future, we could see their names in the award winning list.

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    Thank you Anwesha and Bharath, for those messages which, in fact, force me to work even harder. However, I am not able to keep up with my track record. Anyone who has been in the know will definitely come to know that I have not been contributing at the pace I had been in the past. My performance on Techulator has been going through a low tide these days. Not that I have aged, but sheer work pressure has been the reason. I am practically running out of time as long as handling multiple responsibilities and tasks.
    Hope to come back with a zeal. Your cooperation and good wishes will always matter the most.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa Kamat once again to achieve one more prestigious Member of the Month Award for March 2017. This is one of the best award one can have on this site and what I see is it has been friendly to you because of your worthy contribution here in a high quantity. Your name have always been shinning on Techulator from a long time. You have always encouraged me as well as the other contributors. I wish to join you in contributing more and more valuable content but because of busy schedule I am not able to meet my desire. However, I feel good to see you contributing regularly without much gap in between which makes me encouraged to start once again like in early time.

    No matter which award it is your name is the most favorable in the list, that's all because of your hard work. Once again congratulations Timmappa Kamat for achieving this award. Hope to see my name in the upcoming results. Also I would like to say keep the good work with the same pace.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Thank you Aman for those words of appreciation. However, I have been going through a low patch of contribution on the site of late. That is solely because of the fact that I have been busy with third party assignments in content writing. I have to juggle between my job and these assignments and that is what has kept me away from my regular pace.
    Hope to be back on track.

    Live....and Let Live!

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