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    Super Contributor Awards March 2017 - Article section Winners

    Hi Members,

    This has reference to our earlier announcement on Super Contributor Awards from Techulator - here are the results of the super contributor award for the Month of March 2017 for Article / Resource section!

    The Super Contributors for Article section are:
    1. Timmappa Kamat
    2. Ankit
    3. Mahesh
    Congratulation to all the super contributors on this great achievement.

    Super contributors are going to receive an award as per announcement (above first link), in addition to the normal cash and revenue share member receive for posting resources in the Article section.

    Keep continue to contribute in this section to become winners. All the best.

    Note: This announcement may change / update sooner or later.
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    Thank you Hafeez for the timely announcement. I am glad that I could win the super contributor award for the performance in one of the most important sections of the site. I guess I could win the award this time just because of a few sponsored post offers I got for the month. I do look forward to getting similar support in the days to come.
    Congratulations to the co winners Mahesh and Ankit. As long as Mahesh is concerned, I am seeing a low profile in his contribution in the article section these days. I would wish to egg on him to cheer up and shower us with his usual pace. Ankit has been back from slumber over the past few months. There were several new members in the section this month. Would love to see them contributing more.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa, Ankit and Mahesh for winning the most important award of this site. It's a happy scene to see Ankit and Mahesh coming back to their positions with their high-end contributions along with Timmappa.
    The Article section looks really rich these days because of all the articles competing each other with the latest know-how and up-to-date technology news. Hope to see three of you keeping up the spirit and continuing in the contribution and winning the awards in the coming days.

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    Hearty congrats Timmappa, Ankit, and Mahesh for winning the award. It is great to see all your works in TEC. You all deserved to win this award for this time. This section is more active because of you all. It is good to see Ankit and Mahesh are backing up the line. It is quite a gap for both of you in this TEC. Somehow you people managed to get back in your seats. Compared to last time, this time we could see some new members trying to emerge their activities in this section. Hope next time they could be added to this list.

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    Thanks Anwesha and Bharath for those exemplary words of appreciation. I am glad I have such great contributors here as my co members. Having to compete with the bright content providers is always quite rejuvenating and confidence building.
    I am just hoping to see some new members adorning these places of recognition soon.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa Kamat, Ankit and Mahesh for achieving one more prestigious Super Contributor Awards March 2017 - Article section. Timmappa and Mahesh, you guys have contributed well last month and achieving couple of awards too for your hard work. Ankit, your posts are the best one I find to read and learn from them. However, Timmappa and Mahesh, you guys are no less but I am missing you to compete nowadays. I am feeling lack of interest to contribute nowadays because of less number of people contributing on this site. I hope you guys will be back soon and we will have a good competition which will encourage all of us to contribute more and more with our valuable content to this site.

    Once again, congratulations to all the winners, keep the good work.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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