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    Guetzli – New open source JPEG encoder by Google

    Google's another invention is Guetzli. It is an open source JPEG encoder which lets you reduce the file size by 35%. It implements a new image compression algorithm for the reduction in file size. It works on existing browsers and image processing tools. Google makes a statement saying, this new feature allows small size files without compromising on the image quality, which lets you on the compressed process. In other cases, compression will end up with poor quality images. How Guetzli works on? What impact will it create? How it competes with other tools from Google? Can it bring changes in the market? Members can share your point of views over this thread.
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    It will help you optimise your website which will save you enough bandwidth and storage space. Guetzli is indeed a boon for the website owners who wiil stand to gain. Google has assured that it will have no effect on the quality of the final image.
    The software is promising with the only issue as of now being it takes time to compress your images. The exact time taken depends upon the size of your images.

    Live....and Let Live!

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