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    Two big telecom Giants – Idea and Vodafone Merging

    It is big news that both the telecom giants Idea and Vodafone going to merge together. They both are not only telecom giants, but having a wide range of industries, services, and consumers. Already Vodafone and Idea are in No.2 and No.3 positions. After this merger, they will become No.1 in the market. There is a big fight in the telecom industries which include Airtel, Aircel and so on. Members discuss more this thread. What would be the service quality and prices for these telecom operators? What impact would be at the industry level? Can members share your views and thoughts about this thread?
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    In my opinion, this big change might have caused because of Reliance Jio as it has brought a revolutionary change in the cost effectiveness of Indian Telecom service.
    Apart from this, the fight with the Giant house Airtel could be another reason where both these houses came together to fight the market with joint efforts. It will definitely draw the attention of the customer segment who are looking forward for yet better service or price drop. So it's quite evident that they have to revise their marketing strategy, if they want to achieve the goal they are striving for.
    Eagerly waiting for more responses from other members regarding the same.

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    Well, that would indeed change the telecom scenario in India for good. The present No 2 and No 3 telecom operators will now be the number One. The current no. 1 AirTel will be pushed to No 2. That would be one of the most important consequences for now. The combined entity will have a subscriber base of 39 Crore compared to the 27 Crore figure recorded by AirTel. That would be the 40 percent market share for Idea Vodafone entity.
    Since there would be fewer companies, prices are likely to hike up. After idea Vodafone merger, I would expect many mre such moves in the telecom sector. Talks between Tata, Reliance and Aircel are currently in progress. Another consequence of this merger as I would see is the job cuts.
    The quality of the service is expected to see an improvement.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    If you check the mobile history, Reliance has always brought some revolution in the Telecom history including 40ps per minute and free incoming calls (where there were charges for even incoming calls once (in or around 2002-03)) that was great, of course.

    They brought CDMA data card for the net and it was going well without (2G) network issue compare to different service providers GSM data card (3G) and its poor feasible or net connectivity in many places.

    Now, they are proudly going with JIO which people like us shall appreciate for it - whatever criticize comes doesn't matter. They are really implementing some 'Make in India' initiative as well beside benefit for its subscribers.

    The other service providers (except Aircel) are little different compare to Reliance, they might stop the benefiting tariff too at any point and it is depend on time, competition and overall situation.


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