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    Points System for an Article

    How are the points calculated for an article? And also what are the maximum points rewarded?
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    Well, it depends on a number of factors altogether. The article has to be written on any current topic of technology. It has to have high SEO, perfect grammar, substantial detail and length, originality and useful information which has got some unique quality in it.
    All of these matters put together make the points, that is solely decided by the concerned editor. The more it satisfies the above said criteria, the more it scores high, the less, it goes less. It has to be noted, none of the above said features alone can score high.
    More or less, what I have noticed, 150-200 points have been given to the best articles written on this site so far.

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    Pointing system will depend on the article's quality and the matter. This site has some techniques to be followed in writing articles. Those articles need to be present in Google. The article should be written in 500 to 1500 words. When the article doesn't meet up the requirement of words, those articles will get deleted. Highly grammatical, good content of English and unique words creates the best article. When all the requirement meets on the article, it will be validated and given points for it. At present, I have seen 200 points as the maximum to my knowledge. It may vary depends upon the importance of the information provided in the articles.

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    There is no exact points calculation method used for the purpose of rewarding articles. It all depends upon the quality of the article you submit. The articles should qualitative enough. The site accepts only those articles based on technology.
    Go by the standards that the site has set for the articles and their quality. The points will depend upon the useful information contained in the articles and the originality. Ensuring correct grammar and originality of the contribution will fetch you more points. Please note that the decision with respect to the points and the cash credit awarded to a particular article would be solely dependent upon the concerned editor. Ideally, a good article with original content and useful information with around 1000 to 1200 words should fetch you around 100 points and Rs.100 cash credits. However, please note that this can be a standard case. There are many points considered while allotting points to an article and those together will form the basis for the total points you gain.

    Live....and Let Live!

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