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    Google Gmail’s account unexpected sign out problem.

    Most of the users recently made a report to the Google team indicating the unexpected signing out issues occurring in Gmail account. The issue had been taken to the consideration of the team; they have repeatedly telling to sign in back to the account. If there are any password issues, they asked to use forget password or recovery or two-step verification. In earlier, Google reported to media that Gmail will be stopping support to the older chrome versions at the end of this year. What was the reason behind this issue? What is the current status and update by the Google team? Why is Gmail stopping its support to older chrome version? Members share your point of views over here.
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    I got this problem and signed me out from all google accounts. But I learned that this was due to a change google did and nothing to worry about it. Looks like google plans to limit support for older devices, and this is a crooked way to implement it. If your device is not supported, most likely you may not be able to sign on again.


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    Google itself is not aware of the exact reason why the issue happened. It may not be practical to link this issue with the Google's decision to stop support for older devices and versions of operating systems. I would advise Google users to Google documentation on the issue.
    Google has still been investigating the reasons for the problem, however it has clearly stated that the issue has nothing to do with phishing attacks or any malicious issues. The software giant is finding the issues and they will soon come out with any explanation in its product forum.

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    As for why the support is being withdrawn for the older operating system versions, well, I guess it should be the right thing any software firm will be doing. Chrome will stop being supported on Windows XP and Windows Vista by the end of this year. It is obviously being done to help users stay secure. Microsoft has already ended support for Windows XP and Vista. When they have been on the way to become obsolete, how would you expect Google to continue supporting it?
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