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    Snooze Tabs feature testing in Firefox

    The ultimate feature coming from Mozilla Firefox called snooze tabs. This feature is currently in testing position. Once it is launched users can fix a time for the specific tabs and they can return on that time. How to activate this feature in our current version of Mozilla? How many tabs can be snoozed at a time? How much time period can be fixed for snoozing? How this snoozing can be functioned? Can members share your experience regarding this thread? Briefly explain the concept of this feature.
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    Well, the snooze tab is what helps you in reading something at a later date and time. It works in a simple manner. When you come across a post that is interesting and you do not have time to read it, you can snooze it, The tab will be available later on so that you can access and read the content at a later date.
    The snooze tabs can be configured to launch at a time or date that you want it to. It can be opened later in the day, next day, after a week or next month. To get this feature, you can visit the link The page offers options to get the latest features on Firefox. You can choose Snooze tabs on this link and configure it on your Firefox installation.

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    Snooze Tabs got introduced in the Firefox to help the users focus their attention on whatever they were doing online, and to remove the causes of distractions for the time being and save those items for later. By Hitting the snooze icon one would be able to dismiss the tabs that are currently irrelevant, and then it sets an alarm to bring those sites or elements back when you want them.
    As a Chrome user, I haven't tried this feature yet, but yes, this feature itself is quite interesting and undoubtedly useful for writers like us, as we work on different things simultaneously. In this way, the browser won't get overloaded.
    There is no specific information on how many tabs you can snooze, but from the announcements in their official site, we can assume that the feature should be available for any number of tabs.
    As it would work almost as closing the tab, or minimizing the tab, I don't think, there can be any restrictions for its usage, especially when the purpose of the feature is to close down unnecessary ones which would be automatically multiple in number.
    But setting an Alarm for each of them seem to be quite difficult a task, as one needs to be highly organized and conscious to know his moods, his future timings. One should be able to predict his forthcoming situations, when those tabs would appear to be relevant again.

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