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    Apple faces issues in iPhone 7 plus explosion.

    One of the recent viral news spreading over the social media is about explosion of Apple iPhone 7 plus. We have been passed the shocking news about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion in the past. Now this news continues with the iPhone 7 plus. One of the users had faced this explosion and shared her experience in social media. Not only had this user only faced the inconvenience. Many from different places had been gone through this issue. What is the major issue for this explosion? What was the response given by the iPhone 7 Plus team? Can members share your views about this thread briefly?
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    I do not think it would be practical to compare it to the fiasco associated with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In case of Samsung, the issues were with the battery and it affected all the devices. The iPhone explosion has been different as it can be considered to be a case in isolation. Incidentally, the phone was under service with the service centre and the technician who handled it claimed that it looked a little weird.
    There are cases where a few devices catch fire due to some isolated reasons. This too can be an isolated case. The viral video appears to be an exaggeration of a normal incident.

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    It is indeed another breaking news in the digital world. After Apple conducted the investigation, what came out is that the customer, Brianna Olivas, who had posted the video on Twitter on Wednesday shows that her iPhone 7 Plus could be seen within a melted case, and according to her it got smouldered in her bathroom counter.
    As our common sense says, it could be a short circuit case, as the news says clearly that it was on charging.
    Nowadays, everything that is shown on social media carrying something different, goes viral, and people are over reactive about such incidents. A smartphone is also an electronic gadget and it might behave the same way, as any other gadget does, when all the aspects are not right. It too should be treated carefully, as we do with other gadgets.
    I too second what Timmappa says, that it has nothing to do with the Samsung incidents, as there were a whole lot of handsets coming up with the same complaint, and here it is a single, individual case so far.

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