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    New Whatsapp Status Feature – Rolling out.

    The latest arrival update from Whatsapp brings the Status feature. It's really quite different move from the Whatsapp team. But this feature had already arrived in Hike messenger. Most of the people who gets this Whatsapp update, led a different and mixed reactions. Some of the reviews stated that this update is clumsy and inconvenient to access the contacts. What does this status is about? How can we use this status in Whatsapp? Who are all can view the status? Whether this status update is useful? Can members share your experience, thoughts and views about this update more elaborately?
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    The new update on WhatsApp lets you put an image, Video or a GIF as your status. However, any new status you put on the your account will be active only for 24 hours. You need to add another status update within 24 hours to continue greeting your friends with your status update, or the update will be removed automatically after 24 hours.
    Unlike the earlier one liner status updates, the new status update will never let you be dormant. If you want to be noticed regularly, you need to put up a new status update everyday.
    I do not think this feature will attract many users. You can use it and find it for yourself.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    That sounds interesting, but then people will have to be continuously on the look out for these things, which might engage the younger generation, but not the middle-aged or the veterans who do use Whatsapp just to be in touch with their family.
    From my personal point of view, people would be using the same GIFs and status which are quite common, because not everybody can go on create something that unique stuff every day. The first few weeks might create a hype for this feature, but once it goes one month old, people might lose interest.
    The other possibility would be just the opposite. Those who are already in a glued state with these social media could turn more addict, and you might find your car pushing the brake all of a sudden, to avoid a selfie-caused-accident.

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    Exactly. These kind of features will just remain hypes that would cater to a certain minimal section of the society at large. Instead of such status features, WhatsApp could have brought something really practical and useful from the functionality point of view.
    I must say ever since WhatsApp has changed hands to be managed by Facebook, it has been trying to be another Social Media Network rather than being an instant messenger. Features like these would create an interest initially and then die a natural death.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Not sure this was discussed before. You can sign up for Whatsapp beta testing and get new features months before others are getting. Whatsapp beta is very stable too.

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    Well, I am one of the beta testers myself and I have shared this before in one of my responses to a thread where WhatsApp is being discussed. However, I am happy to see you propagating the info so that our members can benefit from the beta stage updates.
    I have also noticed that the beta apps are stable enough.

    Live....and Let Live!

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