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    What is the difference between Grammarly and Words' default grammar and spell check feature?

    I have been using Grammarly for quite a long time for my own writing. Recently, after having a discussion on Grammarly in Techulator, I've started using it even while editing. But I am not able to decipher what is the difference between Words' default Grammar and Spellcheck feature and that of Grammarly app.
    Apart from the fact, that the green icon of Grammarly makes you conscious of the mistakes, while, there isn't any reminder icon for Grammar and Spellcheck feature that plays on your psychology and reminds you to specially check your stuff for grammar and typo mistakes. So, in my case, I used to forget or ignore for the time being to check them later on. Sometimes I would simply postpone the process and forget afterwards. But since Grammarly came into the picture, I am more aware, awake and careful. But technically speaking can anybody point out, how to maximize the benefits of Grammarly, which we would not get in the default Grammar and Spellcheck of MS Word?
    As Grammarly is not always able to detect the usage mistakes and even suggests wrong phrases a number of times, depending totally on Grammarly is not serving the purpose, so to say. It is also possible that I might be missing out some point or feature, which could have helped me better. Please share your experience if you are using Grammarly too.
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    Grammarly is quite ahead in terms of functionality than the default grammar check function. Unlike the default grammar checker on word, Grammarly can offer suggestions based on the niche you are writing on. You can set the niche while you set up Grammarly. Then, it can offer suggestions contextually. I agree that it goes wrong at times, but it is always good to be in the know about the common grammar mistakes.
    I have been using the Premium version of Grammarly and it has been an indispensable tool for me. It is quite capable of pin pointing the complex ( the tool calls them Advanced Errors) mistakes you may commit. Other than that, the premium version also works as Plagiarism checker for you. It scans your document for the similar content that has already been posted elsewhere on the web.

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    Okay, I am still using the free one. Maybe that's the reason, I am not finding much difference. I think the premium can only provide the optimum benefit.

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    Well, yes - I was using the normal version as well. After using it for a couple of days or so, I discarded it as I thought it is of not much use and an unnecessary load on my system. Later on I got a lifetime free access account and since then it has been my constant partner.
    If you want to get the lifetime free account of Grammarly, I can suggest you a way to do it. However, I am not sure whether the deal is available as of now. Grammarly has undergone quite a few changes over the last few months.

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    I have been using Grammarly recently. It is quite beneficial for me to find some basic errors which I could do in my writings. Even when I clear those errors, some errors have been shown as advanced errors. For that, I need to buy a premium version of Grammarly. Is that any other option for getting free access of Grammarly. This Grammarly helps me out in my writing skills. If I get solved my advanced errors, that could be more beneficial for me.

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    Well, there is no workaround to get the premium version. If you opt for the premium version, you will be charged a monthly subscription fees. You can check their website for further details.
    However, I got my lifetime access account from I am not sure whether the deal is currently available. It was available around a year ago and I got the account for $6. Check or Google to check if you can get it.

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