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    No cash credits for my response in AES.

    I have posted some of the responses in AES section. I dint receive any cash credits for those responses for long time. Even after that post I got credits from other responses. Is that any reasons for the delay or reviewing those responses from the editors? Kindly share your opinions about this thread. Here I have listed some of my responses which I dint receive the credits.

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    The responses you indicated are still not reviewed. You may need to wait till they are reviewed. Please note that some of the older responses may take more time to be reviewed than the newer ones. Maybe the editors might be needing a little more time to evaluate the responses. Will get in touch with the team and the editors and share the update here.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thank you for your quick response Timmappa. Your information would be helpful for me and other members to proceed with this type of situation. It may helpful to stop worrying about these scenarios in future.

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    Hi Bharath, both of your posts are sent to pending status because of more or less the same reasons. I think you would get to see the "comment from the editor", where the instruction from the editor will appear.
    Please let us know if you are able to see these instructions. Please follow the instructions and resubmit your answers.
    If you find any difficulties, do feel free to talk to us. We all would be happy to help you out.

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    @Anwesha. Yes, both of my responses now moved to pending. But I dint receive any comments from the editor for editing the responses. Could you check for the further measures which I need to be instructed? Due to this reason, I couldn't resubmit those responses. Even I feel inconvenience in checking those pending responses. Because when I check in pending option in AES, I couldn't see my pending responses there. So I need to check each and every response which I have posted for the status.

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    I have just posted a response in the other thread. You can follow that. Else, just take a screenshot of the lower part of the page after clicking the edit button, as I suggested you earlier.
    To know the status of your responses, Click on My Responses. The questions to which you have responded will appear as a list. among them, the ones which are in the "new submission" would appear in black, the ones approved in blue, and ones which are 'deleted' or in 'pending' would appear in red.

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    Anwesha, the method you suggested used to work in the past. After the latest update to the site, that has ceased to be the case. I do not think there is any way for a regular member to check the status of his or her AE response. Intervention by the team is most important as the things stand now.
    I guess we would need to take the issue with the team.

    Live....and Let Live!

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