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    Freedom 251 Hoopla dies - Owner arrested!

    The big news created by the so called smartphone maker, Ringing Bells, has died a slow and expected death. The MD of the firm has been arrested on charges of fraud.
    A distributor from Ghaziabad has filed an FIR against the company stating that Ringing Bells persuaded them into entering into a distribution deal with them. They were made to pay Rs. 30 Lakhs and were supplied products only worth Rs. 14 Lakh. There are reports that the company threatened them with life if they kept demanding the rest of Rs. 16 Lakh.
    It can be remembered here that Ringing Bells had announced world's cheapest smartphone at Rs. 251 in July, 2016. Over seven crore people had registered on the official site while 30 Lakh people had booked the phone.
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    It is really shocking news. Freedom 251 is the cheapest Smartphone ever I have heard. I was mad at that time hearing this news. Later all my friends and family members were booked for this mobile, I tried and booked one for myself. Even at that time, most promising words were given by the MD of these Ringing Bells stats that, within six months of time period all the registered users will receive this Smartphone. Once hearing this news, many social media's trolling about the time duration for delivering the mobile. Most of the registered users started complaining about this model would be fake of producing its units to the users.

    To make the user's belief, the announcement from the Ringing Bells team have came stating that, whoever transaction their money one this Freedom 251 mobile will receive their money back. Once this model's manufacturing units gets completed users those who registered will be getting Cash on Delivery option. After this announcement, users dint receive any announcement from the Ringing Bells. It was highly disappointing one from the Freedom 251 team. I think still most of the registered people dint receives their money back.

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    That is a real heartbreak for the common citizens of India to lose the opportunity. All of us were even ready to wait for it, though personally, somehow, I didn't get the chance to apply for it. Luckily, I got saved somehow.
    I am curious to know, how the customers will be compensated, who paid for it and didn't receive the product. Who is going to pay them back and when?
    But, it is really a good news that at least law did take some action instead of remaining a mere spectator,
    Frankly speaking, I had a sense somehow, that the ad is promising too much, and it is not logically possible. The very basic reason being, that, if they wanted to launch such a product, they could have done it in the normal course without making such a big fanfare.
    That way, none would have faced any loss and the performance of the phone too could get tested before people jumping at it.
    Do share if you share the same thought, or differ by any point.

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