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    Why doesn't the major models of smartphones have a separate key for receiving or rejecting calls?

    Since I have started using smartphones, I am facing some discomfort which I never felt during the days of the earlier basic phones.

    The first and foremost discomfort is receiving a call. As the smartphone is entirely touchscreen, one needs to be extra careful while picking it up, otherwise, you will end up in pressing the wrong icon. earlier phones were so easy to pick up, so easy to respond. You never had to look at the phone to pick it up. It was easy in a crowded vehicle when your other hand is occupied.

    I wonder, why most of the smartphones do not have a separate key or button for receiving or rejecting calls? Why isn't there a way to use it single handed? Though the keypad says you can do that way, to receive the calls, you are bound to use both the hands or else, it doesn't respond the way it should.

    Do you agree to this point? Please share your views and discuss it towards a solution.
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    Well, I should agree with the point you raised there. It is indeed an issue while receiving or making calls with the on screen buttons. The problem gets more aggravated when you are in a hurry, or walking or even travelling. With a 5 inch screen becoming a standard these days, one handed operation of your smartphone has been a long gone practice.
    However, Android operating system has some settings to receive calls using the physical buttons. These will not be dedicated buttons as you have been looking for, but there are settings whereby you can receive calls using the home, power or volume buttons. You may need to go into the settings of your phone to find what exactly your model has on offer. I may not be able to provide an exact description as it depends on the software and customisation on your phone.

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    Yes Timmappa, I am aware of this. But the problem persists as you want to know whose call it is, and in an unstable condition, you press the wrong button, which causes so much inconvenience.

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    Well, true. Even my phone has the settings for using the physical buttons, but I never use them. And while travelling in a bus or train I end up dialing a wrong number in a hurry. Maybe smartphone manufacturers need to give it a thought.
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    Yes. I agree with your point. Basic phones are different from the Smartphones. In olden days we used to receive a call and reject the call is simpler than at present. In Smartphones everything becomes touch. Most of the users need and requirement becomes key less dial pad. Even in all aspect I feel inconvenience in picking the call in driving or in travelling. Even there is option for physical buttons in most of the mobiles, we feel some inconvenience there. If you take the current users usage scenario, all the manufacturers are creating touch keypads. Only 1:100 users only feel about this inconvenience in receiving and rejecting calls. But in most cases, people love to feel the Android world of features. One part of users feels hard to handle the 5 inches of screen in one hand. In other side most people love to have large size screening mobiles.

    However there is no solution to retrieve the separate button system for receiving and rejecting calls, there is also some other hand pick solutions to utilize. Android mobiles gives some options to users, they can fix special or separate ringtones for important contacts. Whenever the call receives from your important persons, you may get receive special ringtone other than your ordinary ringtone. This indicates you are getting call from the important persons. So you may avoid inconvenience in rejecting the important calls. Instead of that you may aware of picking the calls at the time.

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