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    Forum Guidelines - Please take note of the same

    Hi members,
    It has recently been observed that some members have been posting irrelevant content in the section. We would like to let our members know that the forum section is meant for discussions in the relevant fields of technology. It would look better if it stays like that. Some members have been found to post advertisement kind of content to promote their websites or business. Please note that such posts will be deleted without assigning any reason.
    It has been also observed that some members have been pulling old threads and posting content therein. Most of the time, the content so posted does not make any value addition to the discussion already taking place. The responses seem to be repeating just what the previous responses have already indicated. Such posts are likely to be deleted or points reduced. If you really have to add something to an old thread, you can start a new thread and provide a link to the older one. We would request the members once again not to pull the old threads just for the sake of posting even when you have nothing to add other than what has already been discussed.
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    It is advised to lock the older threads for the new responses. When the thread is open for the response, members would like to share their informations regarding the thread. It is not for sake, once the thread is asked for information that information may updated, so user can post the updated information regarding to end the conversation. This is only done here. Other than nothing irrelevant responses have been posted. And thanks for creating this thread to make use of it by everyone.

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    Please note that not all threads are locked here on TEC. But, it would be advisable to avoid responding to older threads when it is clearly seen that the context of the thread is done already. As an editor of the site, it is my duty to keep the site cleaner and that is exactly what I have done.
    Also please note that this thread is not directed to anyone particular. Members are requested to note the importance of following the guidelines before responding to any thread that is older than a month or so. It would be practical to start a new thread with a link - if needed - to the older one.

    Live....and Let Live!

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