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    Member of the Week Award 23rd to 29th Jan 2017

    Hi Members,

    This has reference to our earlier announcement for Member of the Week and our usual awarding system in Techulator, we are announcing the winner of the MOW for 23rd to 29th Jan 2017, this week award goes to Timmappa Kamat for an outstanding contribution.

    Congratulations to Timmappa Kamat for MOW awards and best of luck members for the next time!.

    Note: No one qualified MOW for 9th to 15th Jan 2017 and 16th to 22nd Jan 2017.

    Thanks to all members and participants.
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    Thank you Hafeez for that wonderful announcement. I am glad I am able to win at least one member of the week award each month. It has been two MOW awards this month. Incidentally, these are the two awards that have been announced for the month.
    In any case, I do not think I have been into any great contribution to deserve this award. It is just that there has been a little low contribution from other members. I would thank the team and my fellow members for the consistent cooperation and warm environment.

    Thanks again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa for winning the MOW award for this time. You have been so consecutive in this TEC even if you have your third party work schedule. You have been motivating all the members in your work. I feel to win this award by seeing you. Surely I will in the list next time. Happy to see the announcement so soon by Hafeez by displaying this award.

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    Thank you Bharath for those motivational words of appreciation. I must say, and I have been repeatedly stating here that Techulator does have a special space in my life. Whatever I have been able to achieve over the last two years as a content writer has been a result of the things I learnt through the site. Even with a lot of third party work, I promise to keep working with the site as it has been one of my mentor sites.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa, for winning yet another MOW award for this month. It really inspires the new members seeing that one can get rightly rewarded with the correct dedication and hard work.
    Its not that you have not done the hard work. Rather other members might not be getting the stamina to compete with you in this. So, even with other commitments and a slower contribution in comparison to your earlier days, you remain to be the top winner, and that I think, is a reward in itself. Keep it up.

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    Thanks a lot Anwesha for those kind words. I have been going through a low patch as long as my contribution to this site is concerned. I cannot deny the fact that I have not been able to keep pace with my third party commitments and working with techulator as I only have the evenings and weekends that I can utilise for content writing. Having to depend upon my regular job for financial security has been proving an impediment in achieving what I wish to in the content writing arena. I cannot leave the job as content writing alone cannot promise a consistent income.

    Hope to find a way to sort out the issues.

    Live....and Let Live!

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