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    What are the advantages of using POS System?

    POS System provide complete solution for restaurant management platform, most probably POS System used for credit/debit card billing, In Restaurant business POS system provide more advantages via inventory management, central menu management, reporting & analytics, online ordering, third party CRM and loyalty programs integration, and customer feedback management.
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    POS is a practical solution for many of the hardships that may be faced by both customers and employees. It eases the employeesof the need to enter huge details in the cash register. Moreover, errors in the conventional cash registers can take much problems in rectifying, any errors in the POS system can solved with a few clicks.
    POS system also helps much in inventory management as it does away the need for manual stock management.

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    First you need to know about POS and cash register. If you are in a business, you need to calculate the sale of stock and pending stock manually. Once it has been done you need to transfer those data's into your account list. This is from cash register side. The Point of Sale (POS) has been introduced for more real advanced feature. It has software in which you could link with the networks to transfer endless data's and they can be stored. POS has reduced the manual registering and has introduced software and even scanner.
    POS automates in order to eliminate human errors and helps for long term process of saving money. POS has bar code scanner facility in order to make quick billing the products and making a time to be saved for the customers standing in a queue. POS also helps to track the inventory in real time in order to know the remaining stock and makes the customer to book the stocks. POS also helps to monitor your stocks and make you realize when the stock gets lower its points.

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