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    How twitter going to pledge its platform abuses?

    One of the biggest social networks in the world is twitter. Everyone is eager for its "#" hash tag pronunciation. But this famous network suffers for its illegal access on accounts by the hackers. The CEO and the VP of the twitter had promising words towards making the security tighter for every account. But the abuse wasn't stopped yet. The team accepts the delay in making history towards tightening the security level in the whole 2016. Can members get dig more information regarding this thread? When will be the team solves this biggest problem? When will be the twitter become normal? How long the team takes to get back its seat?
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    Maybe we need to wait for quite some time till Twitter does something to prevent hacking. Not only Twitter, but there are several other sites as well which have been into a never ending battle with hacking attempts. However, we as users can follow some steps to prevent hacking.
    Avoid clicking on a link that appears to be not from an authorised source. We can also take care while downloading a few files. Do remember that such obnoxious files come with some really charming descriptions. It should be wiser to avoid falling prey to them. Most of hackers gain access to your information just because of your complacency.
    Do not forget that some of the people you follow themselves can be hackers masquerading as legitimate users. Do take care while following anyone, or clicking on the links sent by someone unfamiliar. Using public computers can be another source of compromising yourself. Such computers can have tools like keyloggers to gain entry into your private space. Another no no is public WiFi. Convenient and cost effective as it may seem, they are more susceptible to hacker attacks.
    If you follow some of those measures, you can stay away from hacking attempts.

    Live....and Let Live!

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