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    How the Knocki device turns any surface into a switch?

    I have heard the news regarding this device called Knocki. It is turning any surface into a switch. I don't know how it is possible to have such a device. The developers have created this device which can connect through a wall or a table. Once it gets connected it can able to turn into a switch or a remote. This device could make it possible at present. This gadget gets control of the surface and it could able to turn on the lights and even multi speakers. We can connect with all Smartphones with this gadget. Really I'm eager to know more about this device. Can members share the functions of this device? Is this device available in India? From where could we get this device? How much this device costs?
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    Well, it is indeed a new concept and has been making a few headlines of late. Knocki is a simple WiFi device that can connect to any surface. The device works by connecting through WiFi. You can install it at multiple locations in your home and control a few things around.
    The device will need WiFi access and a companion app. You can link multiple devices to a single Knocki and then configure different actions to accomplish the individual tasks. For instance, one tap will mean dimming the lights, two taps in the living room will turn the TV on or one tap in the bathroom will switch on the heater.
    It could be a long way to go as of now so that it can be made available for mass audience, and affordable at the same time.

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    Oh what a revolutionary technology! Thank you Bharath for sharing this piece of information. It is almost a dream come true thing on which we used to joke around. I have heard and read about bluetooth tracker kind of stuff, but not a wifi connector like this.
    I am curious to know how would it connect with any surface? Could anybody describe it a little bit more? For example, can it be used with any non-electronic device? As in any non electronic device there won't be any connectivity features, I think, this might not work in those cases, will it?
    Please let us know.

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