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    Whatsapp’s new feature - editing the send messages only for Android device

    Here it was great news from Whatsapp team. They are planning for a new feature for android mobiles that could make you to recall your send message and also you can edit them. Most probably this was one of the waiting from the Whatsapp. Many users felt when they are so serious in chat; mistakenly they could deliver to a wrong person or a wrong group. This makes an awkward moment for everyone. Atleast everyone would face this kind of situation in their life. Can members share your thoughts and views of this feature? Also share your experience in this old scenario. What are the highlights which this new feature brings into the users? Also why they brought this new feature only for Android users and not other operating systems? Make use of this thread to share your views elaborately and when could it is possible to have this feature on our device.
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    The feature will soon be available for the beta testers. I am actually one of the beta testers, however, the feature you mentioned is yet to be introduced.
    There are a couple of new features being introduced. You will now be able to track the location of your contacts in real time. You can now make your location visible so that your friends can track you down. This will be helpful in meetups. What I know about the editing and recall of the messages sent is that you can recall a message only before it is read. Once it is read, there is no way you can recall it.

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    It is good to know about tracking location of the contacts in a real time. Is this feature available now or need to wait for the further update? Because more of updates coming from the whatsapp team. So I need to clarify that this feature is existing or need to be arrival of update.

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    I will update this thread as soon as the feature is made available on the app. I do not seem to have received the feature as things stand now.
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    Even I have read about these feature of WhatsApp. The feature of editing or deleting the sent messages would be a blessing in its true sense, because personally I mess up sending wrong messages to wrong people every now and then. a lot of pressure will reduce from the mind after sending messages. People could really relax once this feature gets live on the app for all.
    The other features like tracking location of the contacts in real time would be real fun and people would be bound to say the truth from now.
    It would also be a huge step taken towards the security of our fellow beings and family. Even policing and investigation would get a good amount of help from this feature.
    Hope apps like Whatsapp brings up more such features in near future and take the realm of communication to the next level.

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    Anwesha, you are getting it wrong. The real time location tracking is a feature that is aimed at easing the meetups and such things. As things stand now, the feature will be disabled by default. The user has the option of setting it on or off. The location tracking feature can be enabled only for certain specific time periods - like say 5 minutes or so. That would mean if you do not want to let your friends know your location, you just need to disable the option. This has been done so to avoid any privacy fears the users may have if the feature is enabled for all and at all times.
    As for editing and recalling the messages sent, you will not be able to recall them once the message is read by the recipient. If your recipient is always online, you may not be able to recall the message.

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    Oh no, that's a bit demoralizing, the real time stuff. But could it be recorded somewhere, say with the WhatsApp authorities, what was the last real time location of a member, in case of necessity?
    I knew about this, that once the message is read, it would not remain editable any more, but even then, the feature gives a lot of chance to correct yourself, which is indeed appreciable and useful too.

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