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    Android O - Any guesses?

    It is again that time of the year that we begin speculating about the next Android avatar. We still have a lot of time getting adjusted to and learning the Android Nougat. But, what would be the name for the next iteration? What exactly would Android O be?
    I am aware that the discussion will be purely speculative in nature, but where is the harm in going for some guess work? The Android I/O 2017 May, 2017 will clear all doubts. Till then, we have plenty of time to speculate and come up with our own versions.
    What is your take on it? There are not many sweets starting with the letter O. What shall we look forward to? Orange, OatCake or anything new?
    Do share your ideas with us.
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    In most scenarios Android uses dishes names for its operating systems version. Likewise in past, the entire version's name gets dishes name. In 2016, Android N rumors spread. Most of the android freaks eyes been turned around. One fine time Android introduced their newest version Android 7 Nougat. That was the rumor call Android N. Now its new year's beginning. The new rumor again occurred in the name of Android O. Surely this one also been any dishes nickname like oreo, ox-tongues, ont-beyt-kook, oliebol, Ozark pudding, oat meal cookie, orelletes and so on. It might be any of these names or new names. But surely it will be the newest Android 8 version.

    The hype increased to all from the android. Google is planning to get this version sooner and the first update going to be tested in Google pixel. It might be reaching sooner in all other models. The Google tech team is still in progress to fix the name for Android O. Within this year we all are going to test this new version. Still there is no other news about this version regarding features. Once if I get to know I would like to share here.

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    That was a wonderful response Bharath. The names you have suggested might get picked from the Android people for their next avatar.
    In my view, I can see a few names like Oblaat, Orange jelly candy, Orange Crepes, Old Maid Cake, and Oatmeal cookies.
    Friends do share some other names, and let us all have a virtual sweet dish competition in Techulator, before they pick up one.

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    Thanks Anwesha. It is really looks like funny about seeing these names. But when you think back in past, all the android names were from dishes names only. Every name was reached to the users successfully. For example, Lollipop is my favorite name in Android. It's a candy dish name. At that period, this version has come through with various ads to reach its customers. The Android team started working constantly to make users more attract and believe in android. Those believe made a great path for the Android. Surely this Android O creates a great impact in the market soon.

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