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    Do the battery test reports really serve any purpose?

    Whenever a new deice - be it a laptop, or smartphone - almost all tech websites come up with their versions hands on reviews. An integral part of these reviews is the battery tests supposedly conducted by these reviewers.
    But, do the test results really stand the test under the real world conditions? In my own experience, I am strongly convinced that they do not. There could be many reasons to it. One of them, presumably is that the tests are conducted under standard conditions. They use a stronger WiFi, or use a few official apps. Real world differs much from this scenario. We have varied network speeds, both cellular data and WiFi. There are a huge number of apps we use. Most of them will keep working in the background. There are a few apps - referred to as rogue apps that may have erratic behavior (just because of bad coding, or overdone advertisements).
    What are your experiences with respect to the reported battery test results and your personal experiences? Do share your own experiences so that we have a healthy discussion on the matter.
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    I do feel worse about this tests regarding battery. Here I would like to share my real time experience. Currently I'm using Honor 5X mobile. It was made of stainless steel. So when I use my mobile under sun for 5 minutes, it gets heated up. If I use this mobile in my office under AC, within 5 minutes it's getting too cold. Normally when I use this mobile, like a call for 10 minutes, the entire mobile gets heated up. The charge was also not stable in this device. I won't say the fault in device. I say the matching scenario for battery in a stainless steel metal body mobile not fixing together. The user gets distraction or inconvenience in handling such scenarios.

    At present in market 5000 mAh batteries are coming up in some of the branded models. But same time more number of coded apps are revolving in the market. Those apps are consuming more energy from the device. For example, a game called Teen party, it's a card came, it needs WIFI or mobile data connection to play. When a user plays this game for around 30 minutes, he needs to spend around 30 to 40% of energy from the device. Not only gaming app, even more apps we use daily consuming lots of energy. If in this scenario, consider some of the apps if we don't use but still in the device also consuming energy at the background.

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    I completely agree to both of you. what comes to my mind, whenever I see such test reports been included in any review, that it is basically advertising the device convincing people with its run of battery and nothing else.
    First of all, I have every doubt how authentic these tests are. Next, the company who is manufacturing the batteries would have done whatever testing was required before launching and releasing the products and when they make a deal with the device manufacturers, it is obvious that they will put up a rosy picture to make the deal a success.
    Coming to the reviewers and neutral quality testers, there isn't much hope of neutrality left, as everything nowadays are based on business interest. If someone doesn't give a good report, the product doesn't sell, and the chain of income related to it, comes to a halt. So would there be any other way to check out, if there's really any neutral testing been carried out?
    The only reliable testers are the end users, the customers and consumers. In my point of view, if one wants to get the real picture, then these reports are the only ones to be considered.

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    Most of the companies have not taken serious about the issues in battery. One time I have bought an original handset battery from the brand service provider in this service center. Within 2 days I faced problem in it. I went to the shop with the bill and asked for the reason of issue. They checked within 2 minutes and responds as the battery has some problem, and they ready to replace. I don't know how it is possible that the battery which is from the same brand manufacturer having issues like this. It is not compatible battery, if in case we can say it would get fault. Every battery gets into proper test before it comes to sell. Here I felt, the service engineers were not so serious when I ask about the issue. They are just ready to replace instead of finding the issue in the battery.

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