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    Member of the Month Award for December 2016

    Hi Members,

    This has reference to our earlier announcement for Member of the Month Award, we are happy to announce the Member of the Month award from Techulator.

    MOM for December 2016 award goes to Timmappa Kamat for his outstanding contribution / performance during this month.

    Rs 500 and 100 special points are credited to the winner.

    Congratulations to Timmappa Kamat and best of luck to other members for the next time!

    Stay tuned for more contests / updates.

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    That is indeed a great announcement. However, as I said in another award announcement thread, and as repeatedly suggested by one of our esteemed members Vandana, the award announcement based on the total points accrued makes it a little less enthusiastic affair. Even then, it feels great to be winning the most coveted award yet again.
    I just hope to see more active members with some outstanding contribution so that we can see different names among the awardees list.

    Thanks again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hearty congrats Timmappa for winning the member of the month award for this time. Well said by you Timmappa in the previous response. You have been so consecutive in this TEC. Also we need more members to be active and get their mark in this winning list. For the past few months only few members have been revolving here. This should be turned in high heal with revealing new members in the list. Hope this should be changed in upcoming months.

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    Thank you Bharath for the kind words of appreciation. I really treasure the motivational statements you made about me. .
    I have been trying to get more members on board, but technology topics seem to have quite low number of takers. Presenting science and technology in the layman's language is the need of the hour. Only then can we see people conversing freely in matters that are technological in nature.

    Live....and Let Live!

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