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    How to get solved a problem in the AES answer status?

    One of my AES answer was approved by the editor but it was not displayed in that thread. I got an alert saying my answer was changed to approve by the editor. When I look back now, that answers looks not presented in that thread.
    I also have another issue regarding this. Before we will know if any answer have issues will be declared by the editor and moved to pending. But nowadays answers were moved blank and don't know what was that means. Is it meant for pending or rejection?
    Editors and members please help me out of this issue.
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    We have asked the members time and again to kindly come up with the URL of the page whenever they have any complaint/feedback about any of their contributions. That would help us identify the issues if any and provide a proper solution to problems being faced by the members.
    As I can see two to three of your responses has been sent to pending status. Please go through the suggestions given by the editor concerned and resubmit your response. You can find them by going into the Ask Experts section and clicking on My Responses. You will get a list of questions you have answered. Checking each of them should give you an idea of what is wrong with your responses.
    If you are still in doubt, please share the page URL so that we can help you.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes bharath, please do the same as Timmappa has suggested you.
    Paste your response url:
    Paste the email alert you have received
    Paste the screenshots of the pages of the responses that are showing blank.
    That way we would understand what exactly you are facing, as we editors will get a different look of the pages, than the general members.
    Once you update these on this thread, we can help you out with your issues. Moreover if there's any bug in the display of such threads, our webmasters would be able to address them too.
    It would be better if you can categorically arrange these information under each question for better clarification.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. Here I have attaching my URL and snapshot of the alert I have got from the editor. Please let me know further details regarding this issue.

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    The response is under pending status. You will need to edit it as per the suggestions provided by the editor. Go into the link and click on the edit link on your response. Edit the response as per the directions offered by the editor.
    Live....and Let Live!

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