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    Member of the Week Award 5th to 11th Dec 2016

    Hi Techies,

    With reference to our earlier announcement for Member of the Week and our usual awarding system in Techulator, we are announcing the winner of the MOW for 5th to 11th Dec 2016, this week award goes to Timmappa Kamat for an outstanding contribution.

    Congratulations to Timmappa Kamat for MOW awards and best of luck members for the next time!.

    Thanks to all members and participants.
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    Thanks a lot Hafeez for the wonderful announcement. It could not have come at any better moment than this. It would be worth to mention that this is the second consecutive week that I have been able to achieve this award.
    I would wish to thank the fellow members and the team of the site for the warmth and cooperation I have been experiencing here.

    Thanks again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa for winning yet another MOW award in this month. You are back to your usual pace and that it a very good come back after a while, I must say. Techulator is happy to get its most valuable contributor back to its place and we all wish you to continue the same all along. We all wish to see you staying in the winners list as always. All the best.

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    Thank you Anwesha for those words of appreciation. But, I would still maintain that the award is not strictly a result of my hard work, I would treat it a consequence of the lack of contributors on the site of late. There have been only a few authors currently working on the site, and as such the awards will revolve around these couple of writers only. I am yearning for the competition we used to have not so long ago.
    Have people lost interest in things technological? Where have our technocrats gone? It is high time we get at least some of them on board.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa for your consecutive success in the TEC. Great to see you are winning this MOW award. Keep this winning moment further in future. We all members would like to see a great works by you. Also I wish you to keep your name presenting in this list. I still eager to know, how you are managing to work in TEC in all your workings.

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    Thank you Bharath for those motivating words. I do not think I am into any kind of special regime to maintain my work stream on the site. I just keep contributing at my own pace that I have tried to maintain ever since I have joined the site. Yes, the pace has a little slowed down over the last couple of months, because of my other commitments and assignments.

    Thanks and I promise to keep working at the same pace in the days to come.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes Timmappa. It is really no fun any more winning these awards without any competition. It feels like playing and winning a football match all by yourself.

    And what you are guessing, I think is right. I think our members have either lost interest in the site, or they have found their fields of involvement elsewhere. I have given this a serious thought, and a few things that are coming to my mind as per the situation is somewhat like this:

    Firstly, the award system that is currently existent in this site, rewards only the bulk contributors where there is no separate booster for quality contribution.
    You remember our friend Vandana? She repeatedly complained about this system. It so happens that people might feel like contributing here in a while, whenever they get time. But our lengthy editing process and the criteria of choosing the winners who can only win if they can score higher than others in "number of contribution" are irking out the members.

    Like currently the MOW and MOM awards are actually the same type of awards which obviously the same member would win. So TEC is paying double the amount to the same member for the same reason.

    Moreover seeing the same names listed again and again in the award announcement gives a wrong impression of partiality to the new members, who do not know the system behind which is so impartial in its true sense.
    Seeing new names in the list would make them feel appreciated and the impression of neutrality will win the hearts of contributors, which our site actually deserves.

    If our site includes a couple of awards for quality contribution, like "the best article winner" or "the best technical expert winner", our quality of content will improve, our members would be more involved and at the same time TEC won't have to pay double for the same reason.

    Secondly, the topic of technology has reached and gone beyond the saturation level, and I think it is high time, we should broaden our umbrella of subjects if we want a decent traffic ushering in our site.

    Please friends, let us know what do you think on this matter.

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