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    What to do if a Member registers in Techulator without using my referral?

    It has happened to me quite a number of times, that I have sent my referral link to invite friends to the site. They visited the site, browsed and clicked on the Register button and registered afresh. I am happy that I could bring new members to the site, but at the same time, I feel a little bit of discomfort for losing out the benefits that the site offers for such activities.
    I wonder, it could be happening with other members too. And its possible they might not even know it.
    What should we do in such cases?
    I hope Techulator must be having some alternative arrangement to take note of this issue.
    I request our fellow members and webmasters to suggest some solutions which can ease us out in such cases.
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    This issue is not unique to Techulator and is valid across websites. It is best that you mail them specifically asking to join using the referral code only so that you benefit.

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    It is quite possible that it could be happening with almost all members here. I have shared my referral links many times in the past. But, I have never been able to get any referrals. Maybe there are many members who have signed up to the site coming from my referral link, but might have signed up afresh, as Anwesha pointed out.
    It appears quite strange to specifically ask the friends to use our referral link in a public forum like Facebook. Maybe the tip put forward by Ankit should work at its best.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, I did that to the extent it was possible, while I was sending the request . Even then it happened. Now nothing can be done, I guess.

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    Once I had met this issue. I send my referral link through mail to my friend. He opened that link and registered. But I couldn't get his referral benefits. When I started enquire with him, he stated that he used my link to register. But in the referrer id he didn't mention my id name. Instead that he applied for the registration directly. This was the issue I have faced. Once the registration completes we can't change it right. That's why I clearly point those who trying to register use my referral id in the registration. If the members really use our id alone we can get the benefits, else it is not possible to get those benefits.

    One thing can change up with this issue. Webmasters can change this type of referral link action. At present as I have said, once the link opens we need to provide the referrer id. Instead that webmasters need to make the referral link automatically links the referrer id. When the link is clicked for registration it automatically connects the referrer id so that even members who missed to enter the referral id also could reach up the benefits to the referrer. By making this the problem may get solved at my point of view.

    Members can also share your points of view over here.

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    Well, some websites make sure that that the referral ID is not missed. The procedure goes the same way as Bharath suggested. Once the member clicks on the registration link offered by their friends, the referral link is automatically inserted into the box. That way, whether the new member remembers inserting the referral ID or not, the existing member who brought the new member in gets to gain the benefits.
    I would see the changes incorporated on the site soon - well, if it is possible.

    Live....and Let Live!

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