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    Super Contributor Awards December 2016 - Forum section Winners

    Hi Members,

    This has reference to our earlier announcement on Super Contributor Awards from Techulator, here are the results of the super contributor awards for the Month of December 2016 for Forum section!

    The Super Contributor for Forum section are:
    1. Timmappa Kamat
    2. Bharath
    3. Anwesha
    Congratulation to the super contributors on this great achievement.

    Super contributors are going to receive an award as per announcement (above first link), in addition to the normal cash and revenue share members' receive for posting Question and Answers in the Forum section.

    Keep continue to contribute in this section to become a winner. All the best.
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    Fastest award announcement in recent times! Well, glad I could hold in to.the position yet again. The section witnessed a good deal of fruitful discussions in varied subjects. That was actually what I have always been looking forward to on the forum section. It will be what keeps your site moving.
    Congratulations co winners Bharath and Anwesha. Especially Bharath. He has been consistent with his contributions over the past couple of months. Hope to see him coming with still better performance.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks Hafeez for announcing this award at a right time. I have a grateful moment in this New Year eve seeing my name in the list. It makes me happy and encouragable towards my work. It really proves to everyone those who contribute in TEC can get their perspective place in this site. Surely other members will get through this site soon.
    Congratulations to my co winners Timmappa and Anwesha being with me in the list. You both have done so great work in the past and present. I need to thank Timmappa to guide me so good in this site. Hopeful your presence and guidelines should continue in future also.

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    Thank you Hafeez for announcing the award on the advent of the New Year. It gives a wonderful feeling of a good start of a new calendar. I am glad to place myself in the list. This time we had a very nice session of brainstorming discussion which is not over yet. Hope we bring some yet more relevant topic this month. Our discussion should bring in fresh ideas which would also help us with our articles. Hope old and new members join in.

    I Congratulate both my co winners Timmappa and Bharath. We are all happy to see you Bharath winning this award too and with a higher grade. We all want the same and more from you henceforth.

    Wish all of you a very Prosperous New Year.

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    Thanks Anwesha for your valuable words about me. I have started after a long gap in our site. I hope enjoy lot in our site. In all my schedules I would like to work in this section. This is one of my best sections in this TEC, because at first I have started my writing skills from this section only. I had a great touch with this. Surely I will contribute my best in coming days.

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